SRAS Tournament Incentive

SRAS is pleased to announce that all Selangor players who are registered members of SRAS and AJSS shall be awarded cash incentive as a token of our appreciation towards their efforts should they succeed in achieving any of the top 4 positions in open tournaments that are either GOLD or PLATINUM status.

The following reward system is tabulated per below:

1 500 750 1000
2 250 500 750
3 N/A 250 500
4 N/A N/A 250


For the betterment in the future of Selangor squash , it is SRAS’ vision to produce better players in each coming year and this is our way of recognising players who can contribute and make Selangor proud.

All the very Best to All Selangor Players.

<SRAS Management Committee.>


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